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Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life -video-



What is happening with omocat ? :-0




someone pointed out how her obsession w shotacon and her shota merchandise is uncomfortably based in pedophilia and she responded by throwing a tantrum on twitter w smash hit tweets like




your personal preference is little boys and you are an adult


"how dare u persecute me for romanticizing the sexual abuse of young boys"

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Wow, holy shit.

This website is all over how sexual attraction isn’t a learned trait, but a natural one (as if anybody has to actually clarify). In other words, somebody can’t help what they’re sexually attracted to.

Having a sexual attraction is completely different than acting on that sexual attraction.

But now that there’s some sort of implication that somebody may or may not be sexually attracted to little boys, an obscure attraction next to even the most eccentric of sexual deviations, there’s an uproar.

Keeping in mind that one cannot help what they are attracted to, is it so bad that they’re ONLY JUST attracted to little boys and NOT acting on it?

Thus far, no harm has been done except for a few people thinking “wait, isn’t liking young boys a bad thing?” NO. What’s bad is acting on that attraction by turning that pedophilia into molestation and sexual abuse.

Omocat is not “romanticizing sexual abuse of young boys”. They would have to actually be sexually abusing young boys for that statement to be true.

Consider Omocat’s aesthetic in their art and then consider the people that support it…they’re definitely hip and they’re definitely good looking. That being said, it’s not Omocat that is threatening pedophilia as a fad, it’s the people buying and wearing the product along with the people that admire the style of said Omocat supporters.

Omocat is not at fault.

And before anyone says “creating pedophilia art IS acting on that sexual attraction”, no. Drawing ink on paper is not raping a young boy. The offense is taken on subjective interpretation of the product, again proving Omocat’s innocence.

HOLY SHIT I JUST REALIZED Omocat only speaks about Shotacon as anime and manga, which (if you don’t know) is INK on PAPER. And if you can’t pick up what I’m putting down, that means they’re sexually attracted to something that isn’t real.

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Christ this is exactly like the whole Mogeko thing all over again.

This is why we can’t have nice things.




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오랜만에 만나겠다아 포항에서 만나요


I’ll be able to meet you guys after a long time. See you at Pohang

trans. cr; hyejin @ baptrans ; take out with full credits


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Himchan flipping the mango for his dongsaeng ♥

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meet the ‘pat bingsoo-making-competition’ teams



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Sites for Lolita buying yay

Nice long list of sites and info for all your lolita buying needs. Some information is based on my own experiences and opinions so take information with a grain of salt. Also may lack some websites so keep that in mind as well! (Copy-pasta the links because I was too lazy to hyperlink things.)

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Posting a black and white vid of themselves making music: it’s a banghim thing :)




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Translation: It Happens




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petition to replace every loading circle thing with this






if you think you have a powerful fandom just remember that touhou fans made their own professional quality anime

Just remember that touhou fans made their own full-length Castlevania parody game with a full soundtrack, fantastic character art and professional voice actors. Twice.


[HD] 140724 M Countdown — B1A4 거짓말 + FANTASTIC BABY 
(Special Stage)