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… I’m the anon, I swear is an image host LOL go google it ;A;

oh okay sorry LMAO gfdfgdfg


"if they don’t want their art changed in any way, shape, or form, they shouldn’t post it on the internet"

That is literally the most bullshit argument of editing things you’re not supposed to that I see

And personally I want to give a punch to anyone that uses that argument 

because HOLY SHIT they are just making themselves look like a selfish little shit

People post their drawing, fanart, whatever because they like what they’ve created with their own hands and time and maybe want to share it with people ‘cause hey, art makes people happy and without it makes life pretty dull and stuff like that

OR they want it available for fellow artists and/or art enthusiasts to critique and/or comment on or whatever

NOT so people can fuck up the color however they want because WHETHER THEY MEAN IT OR NOT it’s just going to be a huge insult to the artist

'cause it's like saying “hey nice colors BUT ISN'T THIS SO MUCH BETTER????”

no just


But yeah telling people not to post it if they don’t want it edited because little shits have no control

good luck finding art that’s not paid official stuff anymore

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